RealityArts Studio



RealityArts Studio was founded in Istanbul / Turkey, 2016.

The co-founders Ismail Kemal Ciftcioglu & Bahar Baziki were professionals in the movie & production industry for more than 10 years. Their innovative and epic projects lead them to gaming world which they found an enormous freedom to create their dream projects. In a short time, RealityArts Studio was recognized as the premiere independent gaming company in Turkey.

They got Steam Greenlight with the vote of tens of thousands gamers which enabled them to sell their game on Steam; the number 1 digital sale platform for PC Games. After this success they got supported and funded by Epic Games through their Unreal Dev Grant; makers of Unreal Engine; greatest game engine technology in the world. Later, their worldwide success continued with the support of Microsoft Turkey, Nvidia Turkey, HTC Vive with their VR technology to be offered to RealityArts before release and a successful participation in Gamescom Expo, Germany. Biggest gaming expo in the world.

With their success, they were chosen among the best 100 Startup Companies in Turkey in 2016. Now they are constantly getting bigger and bigger.